Containerized Mobile Incinerators – SHOP.HICLOVER.COM

Containerized Mobile Incinerators – SHOP.HICLOVER.COM

HICLOVER currently supply a complete array of containerized incineration systems, positioning us at the forefront of the most current transportation and also commercial trends.

Containerization is the most practical and also viable option in contrast to the building of on-site facilities and also real estate frameworks, getting rid of the guy power and also costs entailed.


Main Feature:

— Double Combustion Chamber

— Double Italy Burner

–Burning Rate: 10-100kgs per hour

–Combustion Chamber: 0.1M3-1.2M3

— Mobile Incinerator, Standard shipping containers, Easy to move/transport system

— Free Installation, Pre-installed incinerator, Ideal for camps

— Ultraviolet lamp sterilization inside

※Optional Function/Parts/Material/Burning Rate:

— Stainless Steel Chimney

— Dry Smoke Filter Chamber

— Chimney Height Custom Made

— Upgrade/Downgrade Burning Rate