DOMESTIC INCINERATOR, YD 300 Spare Parts for Waste Incinerators and Burners

DOMESTIC INCINERATOR, YD 300 Spare Parts for Waste Incinerators and Burners

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concept of incinerator machine


Ceramic filter candle 1mtr Filter-Candle
Sick sensor encoder BCG13-L1KM05PP
LID REPAIR KIT I8-1000 I8-1000 Lid Repair Kit
SS Chimney SS Chimney
SS Chimney extension SS Chimney extension
SS Chimney Cowl SS Chimney Cowl
Refractory cement CA50-A600
Asbestos rope 20425159188
Ignition transformer-secondary burner EB14HPM
Ignition transformer-Primary burner 26-48-3371T
Emergency push button JT04
Temperature thermos couple with locknut-1600C K1600
Temperature thermos couple with locknut-1300C K1300
Temperature display controller-Secondary chamber XMT3000
Temperature display controller primary chamber Parameter digital XMT2000
Flexible conduit 20mm2

portable incinerator for health facilities oxfam
clinical waste incinerator scotland

Burner lighting sensor(Photocell)PBT/PC QRB1
Circuit board (LM44.255C2BT)high stage secondary LM44.255C2BT
Circuit board (LoA24.171B2BT)Primary LOA24.171B2BT
Fire proof flange gasket SN834457
Fire proof flange gasket 8023020001
Ignition electrode with leads SN834451
Solenoid 3713798
Burner fuel pump AS47B
Fuel filter FO03
Burner- Secondary SPARK35
Fuel flexible pipe for burner 1/2″ 3005720
Primary blower CBB DF-5
Secondary blower CBB DF-6


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model bordereau quantitatif d un incinerateur


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