Medical waste is posturing a growing problem all over the world, jeopardizing the wellness of staff, individuals, disposal employees and anybody else entering contact with the often dangerous materials discarded by hospitals and other health care sites. Hospital waste varies from website to site and also the most significant difficulty is to dispose of this variety of waste streams. Incineration is still the favored way to process medical waste without threatening the health clients, staff or any individual else coming into contact with them. Professional waste is costing an increasing number of to take care of securely. Health Clinics and also University hospital can currently handle their very own waste streams using among our expert clinical incinerators. Ruining contaminated materials at source is without a doubt the most efficient as well as efficient method of taking care of waste that could possibly spread viruses or conditions.

Average 20% -25% of the complete waste produced by healthcare facilities is considered as harmful and may develop a variety of health and ecological threats otherwise handled and also destroyed in a proper fashion.

With years worth of experience in this field, our medical variety of burners are designed to provide for the affordable requirements of small clinics to the more requiring and specialized requirements of big hospitals in their waste administration processes.

HICLOVER is now providing a complete series of medical waste burners, made to give efficient waste destruction, using finest readily available technologies and also environmentally friendly process. As a result of the secondary chamber with its 2 second retention period, our clinical burner range is well matched to process clinical waste.

Our products ensure effective, tidy as well as problem-free disposal of medical waste is possible. The incineration of professional waste including pathological waste (red bag waste), Biohazards & & Sharps, General Medical Waste, from Health Centers, Proving Ground, Drug Firms, Drug Produces, Medical Care Trusts, Plastic Surgery Centers, Nursing Houses, Treatment Houses and also various other Scientific Waste.

○ Middle-Small Ability( TS Model)

※ Main Qualities:

— — Double Burning Chamber

— Dual Italy Heater

–– Burning Price: 10-100kgs per hr

–– Combustion Chamber: 0.1M3-1.2 M3

※ Optional Function/Parts/Material/ Burning Price:

— — Stainless-steel Smokeshaft

— Dry Smoke Filter Chamber

— — Chimney Height Customized Made

— Upgrade/Downgrade Burning Rate

○ Large-Middle Capacity( YD Version)

※ Highlight:

–– 3 Combustion Chambers

— — Dual Italy Heater

–– Burning Price: 30-600kgs per hour

–– Combustion Chamber: 0.36M3-5.5 M3

※ Optional Function/Parts/Material/ Burning Price:

— — Stainless Steel Chimney

— — Dry Smoke Filter Chamber

— — Smokeshaft Height Custom Made

— — Semi-Automatic Waste Feeding

— — 3-Section Damp Scrubber System

— — Movable System Feeding Door

— — Added Heater

— — Upgrade/Downgrade Burning Price