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Medical Waste Management System | HICLOVER.COM

HICLOVER Incinerator/Parts Range

Main Feature

Medical Waste Incinerators

HICLOVER 10-500kgs/Hr.Double Combustion Chambers,biomedical waste management pdf 2020

Single Combustion Chamber

Small, Cheap,10-20kgs/Hr.

Three Combustion Chambers(Optional)

3 Chambers for high risk waste

Pet Cremation Equipment

For Pet(small/big) Cremation Business

Animal Incineration Equipment

For other animal incineration

ü BIO-Medical/Hospital Waste Incinerator Modular Package Type, free standing unit consisting of (Primary chamber, Secondary Chamber, stake, controller and gas flue washing system) how does a waste to energy plant work

ü Diesel Oil And GAS Fired Burners (Dual)

ü Stainless steel stack for longevity

ü Burning capacity: 50-60kgs of waste destroyed per hour. 

ü Average ash residue: 3 to 4%

ü Operating Temperature 850°C to maximum 1320°C or better:

ü Upto 1150°C in a secondary chamber

ü Residency Time in Secondary Chamber of 2 seconds 

ü Thick refractory lining & insulation more than 200mm rated to 1600°C in main chamber retains heat, increasing efficiency

ü Separate doors for loading and ash removal

ü Loading door for maximum operator protection for direct heat exposure

ü Burner with temperature activated modulating control

ü Dual HT Thermocouples: Allow independent control of Primary and secondary temperature via the control panel

ü Pressure blower with modulating air control    

ü Stainless steel cladding for maximum heat retention, cool touch and hygiene control

ü Rapid, complete and efficient medical waste disposal

ü Safe use handle

ü High quality refractory lining and insulatio,management of hazardous waste

ü PLC touch screen, dual burner control, preset burn times and blower

ü Temperature monitoring

ü Programmable digital temperature controls for complete combustion

ü Secondary burner temperature activated modulating control

ü Fast pre-heat and continual high temperature performance

ü Heavy duty lock: Designed by us to ensure tight locking chamber with no air gaps. Easy to open and close

ü Low energy consumption levels

ü 2 efficient high efficiency burners for better fuel saving to save per hour fuel burning cost.