2016 advanced employee bonus issuance notice

2016 advanced employee bonus issuance notice

Dear colleagues:

In 2016, with the joint efforts of everyone, the company achieved a rapid improvement in performance and successfully completed the company’s three strategic product sales tasks for clean sheds , winding filters, and air showers . The current environment is not ideal. Under the circumstances, the company can achieve the current results is hard-won, and I cherish it. In order to thank everyone for their unlimited loyalty and selfless dedication to the company, at the same time, in order to promote the enthusiasm of employees, and in line with the principle of “work more, get more advanced” and “reward advanced”, the company now plans to issue 2016 half-year-end bonuses The staff arrives to report and check. details as follows:

1. Scope of bonus distribution:

All employees involved in the online and offline sales of the company’s clean sheds, winding filters, air showers and other related products.

2. Bonus distribution object:

Employees who have completed the annual performance ahead of schedule (employed for more than 1 year)

3. Standards for bonus payment

Sales Supervisor: 8,000 yuan

Sales representative: 6000 yuan

4. Bonus distribution time

October 30, 2016

Hereby inform!

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