250kgs per human resources capacity waste incinerator

250kgs per human resources capacity waste incinerator

A chamber of short article burning of gases

is dual/double combustion chamber with 02 units oil burner, batch load incineration equipment. 

Waste feed chamber is 1800Liters (1.8m3, TS250 PLC). Primary & Secondary combustion chambers

and smoke filter chamber. Batch load on the bottom of chamber. Incinerator PLC panel control suit for local operation. 

* A heating system of burning of gases,

* A gadget of shot of air making it possible for a entire recombustion of gases,

* A device of air ducts of air conditioning of waste gases,

* A sheath of clearing of these gases charred.

* Carcass in solid sheet steel with assistance of web connection.

* Structure of the refractory;

・ Refractory concrete:

§ Thickness: ≥ 150 mm

§ Nature: 65% of Al203

・ Protect in rugged panel:

§ Thickness: ≥ 85 mm

Nature: Calcium

Burner Design TS250 PLC, Review

This design is little waste incineration tools for small waste result. Construction

Key Product Listing per 01 collection

Key Burning Chamber

Extra Combustion Chamber

Smoke Filter Chamber

Incinerator PLC Control Circumstances

Smokeshaft:10.0 Meters

*( upgrade to Stainless-steel, free cost)

Italy oil/gas heater: 02 systems

Oil Container (if oil fuel): 300Liters


TS200( PLC)



Solid Waste Incineration Remedy

Melt Price

Typical 250 kg/hour

Feed Ability

Requirement 350kg/feeding

Control Establishing

PLC( Programmable Logic Controller Burner)

Burning Chamber


Internal Dimensions


Second Chamber


Smoke Filter Chamber


Feed Mode





0.9 Kw

Oil Intake (kg/hour)

Frequent 28

Gas Utilization (m3/hour)

Typical 33.6

Temperature Level Display

Digital Existing

Temperature Level Degree Security


Oil Tank


Feed Door




Smokeshaft Kind


1st. Chamber Temperature Level

1000 ℃ -1200 ℃

Residency Time

2.0 Sec.

Gross Weight


Exterior Dimensions


Heater process should certainly be Automatic On/Off

Gas: petrol

The supplier need to supply needed details for the very best of the installment

This burner with “PYROLYTIC” burning should have:


・ Refractory concrete:

§. Thickness: ≥ 100 mm

§. Nature: 42% of Al203

・ Guard in primitive panels:

§. Thickness: ≥ 75 mm

・ Nature: Calcium silicate.

* Heater of illumination of waste, with petrol, typical mono-bloc casting directing diving fire, lights and additionally safety and security of digital ignition, permanent air circulation, electro-magnetic sluice entry of guideline in addition to isolating valve.

* Plate of burning in Carborundum, remaining clear of the taking care of glass together with slags.


A chamber of short article burning of gases